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JBiT Maschine

Hi, I’m JBiT, a French sound-engineer, beatmaker and producer. I’ve been working in the audio field for 20 years and I own the Studio Sanatorium. I’m currently working with Protools  (Avid) and Maschine 2 (Native Instruments). In my recording studio, I have an analog Amek mix desk, about sixty U hardware devices & a great-deal of plugins. I make Hip-Hop beats and I mix a lot of projects, regardless of their style (Rap, rock, classical, electro).

My Tracks

My Type Beats: Hip Hop, Trap, Boom Bap, Freestyle, Gangsta Rap, Chicano Rap

When using my free beat versions, whatever the use, please credit in the title (Prod. by JBiT).

The free beats are available for non-profit. This means YouTube or Soundcloud use with NO monetization. The free beats are NOT available for streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer etc.

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Sound Kits

Last Product:

JBiT - Perfect Boom

Her are my sample banks.

They are mostly recorded on real instruments and an analog process is sometimes applied, according to the kit.

Key And Tempo-Labelled, all WAV files are in 24bits high quality.

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Works with:
NKSPro ToolsFL StudioAbleton LiveLogic ProCubaseMaschineReasonReaperStudio One


Mixing & Mastering

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Free Maschine Ressources

Sharing list of free preset NKS downloads including integration and images for the browser.

My tutorial videos on Maschine 2 (Native Instruments).

(These tutorials are in French only. For other languages, please use Youtube subtitling)

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I can help you with any of your projects

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